Crafts ‘The Deli’

Come and see the finest collection of Delicatessen treats on Boracay
Meats . Cold Cuts . Dried Meats . Cheeses . Biscuits . Wines . Pastas . Sauces
Breads . Pastas . Salads . Sauces . Jams and Conserves . Dairy milks and Creme’s

Finest quality shopping has always been the best shopping and Crafts deli is precisely
that experience. You come to buy a few things and leave with a bag full there is just
so much to choose from All the cheeses from the Cheddars, Stilton to Parmesan.
The meat counter is just as well endowed with Hams and cold meats of all sizes. A special range of meats from Frierrs A meat and sausage specialist, offering dried meat Belly Bacon, Loin Bacon, Dried Sausages, Salami’s, Country ham, Pepper Loin, Burgundy Ham, Veal Pate Krakauer and many more products. The chiller cabinets hold refreshing drinks, diary specials and wines. The wine rack displays everything form a light to mid range wine to exceptional full bodied wines to compliment the foods. The shelves stock sauces and pastas, marination sauces, spices, Breads, crackers in fact anything you need to create great food with great flavour. Come and see for yourself you won’t be disappointed once you have been we will see you again ... you simply will be back...spoil yourself!

Freshly made quality sandwiches
Choose what you want in your sandwich and we will
make it. Chilled Quality Sandwiches in Quality Bread.
Opening hours 8am until 10pm