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Crafts Restaurant and Crafty’s Rooftop Bar - Try our excellent food

A hyper quick guide of information for those unfamamiliar with Boracay Island

Crafts of Boracay . Boracay Philippines
Please do not email Crafts on any of the below information it is for your quick view reference only.
Crafts of Boracay are located on the Paradise of Boracay Island just off of Boracay White Beach and serves the Boracay community. In addition Crafts serves the local businesses such as, Boracay Bars, Boracay Resorts, Boracay Hotels and
other Boracay accommodation businesses. Many tourists come on a Boracay vacation by a Boracay tour package or as a Boracay tourist, as well as the handful of backpackers adventuring through the Philippines.
For a Boracay vacation there are many hotels of all standards and budgets to choose from, here are a few of the bigger Boracay Resort names to choose from for Boracay accommodation:
Many are Boracay Beach resorts meaning right on white beach.
Fridays Boracay . Friday Resort Boracay . Boracay Regency Hotel . Nami Boracay . Pearl of the pacific . Red Coconut Boracay . Boracay Gold Crowne . Waling waling Boracay . Boracay Gold Crowne Club . Seawind Boracay . Pink Patio Boracay . Lorenzo Boracay . Lorenzo South Boracay . Lorenzo Resort Boracay . Sea Wind Boracay . La Soliel de Boracay .. Boracay Peninsula . 357 Boracay . Seraph Hotel
There are also Cheap Boracay Hotels. Look at There are many smaller cheap Boracay hotels but are still good quality and very comfortable: Daves Straw hat inn . Blue Lilly Villa . True Home Hotel Boracay . Turtle Inn Boracay .
Travel to Boracay . Flights to Boracay. Domestic Airlines: Seair Asian Spirit Philippine Airlines Cebu Air;
What to do on Boracay beach. Boracay Scuba . Boracay Diving . Boracay Kiteboarding . Boracay Windsurfing . Boracay watersports . Boracay Sailing Boracay Golf . Boracay Horse riding
Hotels in Boracay Philippines . Boracay Island Hotel . Resorts in Boracay Most of these hotels have 5 star rooms in Boracay Boracay Hotel Reservation.
Boracay Nightlife has always been famous since its early days but nowadays there is a concentration of a social scene in a relatively small area which helps fuel the Boracay nightlife. It is a comfortable spread of early evening meals and drinks calm enough for families to enjoy the evening, Then when the families have gone home at about 11pm the evening starts for those who enjoy a later wilder scene. Bars like Crafty’s roof top bar, Rumbas, Paradiso, Hey Jude, Bom Bom and later hours Cocamangas, Summerplace. It’s a great night for the younger party people hanging out with the Boracay Babes. There are a few 24 hour bars so you can keep going till daylight if you really are not ready for bed.
There also social flashpoints for nightlife that coincide with the high seasons, Christmas, Boracay New year, Holy week, Chinese New Year.
Boracay Real Estate and Boracay Homes for sale
On Boracay we have around 300 restaurants serving food from all over the world from the cheap to the expensive cordon Bleu establishments. When you arrive here you wonder the beachfront choosing your food as you go. Crafts themselves serve exceptional European and Indian food see Crafts Restaurant page.